Vehicle Storage in Athens, AL

Have you considered renting an auto storage unit at Midpointe Storage for your vehicle? Whether you love driving your convertible in the summer or are planning to leave town for a few months due to work, it’s always a good option to store your car in a safe, clean, and well-lit facility with a friendly manager on site!
Midpointe Storage is a local business that not only allows you to store household belongings and commercial items, but also goes above and beyond to meet the vehicle storage needs of our customers. We have your back if you can’t drive your car year-round, but still want to take special care of it. Our professional staff will help keep your vehicle dry, clean, and covered.
It doesn’t matter if it’s old or new, convertible or sedan – if it’s a car that excites you or appeals to you at all, it is worth collecting. With high-security cameras and excellent lighting, your classic car will be safe and sound for however long you need to. A vehicle storage space makes for a great solution for collectors who have little space at home or just prefer the extra security of a storage facility.
With a variety of sizes available, our drive-up units are an extremely convenient solution for vehicle storage. Instead of leaving your car outside without a shelter, why not rent one of our units to keep it away from the elements the whole time you are gone? If you prefer not using a weatherproof car cover or think the space in your garage is not up to par when it comes to storing your vehicle, you are sure to love our auto storage units.
Our property address is 14586 Midpointe Blvd, Athens, AL 35613. We’re next to Midpointe Chevron, so it will be easy to spot us no matter where you come from – be it Madison, Huntsville, or Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Contact us today and let us know about your vehicle storage plans!