Reliable RV Storage in Athlens, AL

We know how tough it is when you can’t find good storage facilities for your RV in an area where opportunities for outdoor recreation are everywhere. That is why you can rent one of our RV storage units on our website in a matter of minutes!
Midpointe Storage is conveniently located at 14586 Midpointe Blvd, Athens, AL 35613 – halfway between Interstate 65 and County Line Road. We are happy to be a trusted RV storage solution for those in Madison, Huntsville, Redstone Arsenal, and many other surrounding areas.
If own an RV, you likely remember with fondness the time when you looked around frantically as you tried to choose the vehicle that would be yours for years to come. We get it: some RVs tow better and have multiple levels and others have shorter ceilings, but are less pricey – the options are almost endless! However, it doesn’t matter what kind of recreational vehicle you enjoy using for your road trips because our customers are free to store their vehicles here regardless of their preferences. Whether you own a fifth-wheel RV or a small travel trailer, we offer a clean facility with top-notch security and aisles that are all paved.
Our secure RV and trailer spots not only facilitate the storage of your vehicles, but also provide our customers with an easy way to make sure their investments are intact. After all, the off-season care process demands more than simply pulling your RV out of the road and inflating the tires to the proper pressure. Finding the right parking space is essential.
With our 24-hour kiosk, which is located at the same property address (14586 Midpointe Blvd, Athens, AL 35613), you can see what RV storage spaces are available and rent a unit right there without having to wait for the office to open. You can also speak with us via phone call from Monday to Friday during business hours, so feel free to throw us any questions you may have about RV storage – we’ll be happy to take them.