Do you want to keep household items secure during your move to the Athens, AL area? Maybe your business needs a reliable storage alternative for all the stuff that you have accumulated – sometimes it’s hard to tell how deep the inventory goes!

Midpointe Storage offers a variety of climate controlled storage units that will allow you to fully protect anything you want to store. With a convenient location at 14586 Midpointe Blvd, Athens, AL 35613, you won’t have issues driving out here.

Did you know that our skin relies on the air to get rid of moisture? Low humidity, for instance, can dry out your skin. Just as people are sensitive to humidity and sometimes can’t even withstand the temperatures, certain objects react strongly to these elements, albeit in different ways. Here are a few things that should be stored in a climate controlled storage unit:

Wood furniture. High relative humidity can cause the growth of mold and mildew. These microscopic fungi are all around us, but you may want to consider using a climate controlled storage unit when storing pieces of furniture. The negative effects are not pretty!

Important documents. Too much humidity can damage paper items, too. In any case, humidity causes fewer issues if the unit remains properly heated. Maintaining a constant temperature prevents the warm air from cooling and causing condensation.

Patio furniture. Some metal objects, which are often used on a house exterior, demand low relative humidity levels to slow the rate of corrosion.

Each material responds differently to extreme temperatures and moisture buildup in the air, but big changes may cause swelling and contraction as the materials in your items attempt to adjust to the new environment. Even some types of plastic, such as vinyl records, may shrink and warp in high temperatures!

Regardless of what you are planning to store, guarding your belongings against the dangers of intense temperature and humidity is always the safest, most reasonable choice. Feel free to call us if you want to rent a climate controlled storage space. We’re looking forward to helping you store your most valuable possessions.